Loving children is not important

Loving children is not important
This time we will discuss about the child because educating children is very important for the progress of the nation.

For those who do not have children, it does not hurt to learn that when you have a child there because learning science will never lose.

Every Parent's definitely love their children and are willing to do anything to her successful and happy life at stake for the sake of the child would be his favorite.

Unfortunately, most children felt unloved by his parents and even the children are hated by their parents so that they make the act as a form of protest that parents love him, but what happened instead is getting worse where parents are becoming increasingly angry, frustrated, and add a label for her child brat, stupid children, children who can not be regulated, children dissidents, problem child and thousands of other labels that make children also increases the problem.

Back to you who have a parent or you are going to be the parents of the children.

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