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How to Modify Child Behavior

Child Behavior
Once there was a mother who tells her life experiences in caring for me , as this story : 
" When I take care of my youngest child was no different as are in the battlefield . There are many voices shout that sounded ears like the sound of crying, screaming and other noises that made me frustrated . I also have to strategize as often as possible so that I can persuade my child to want to eat , another to learn or toy tidy up after messy after being used by my son . Well my head getting dizzy thinking about it , it's very similar to the battlefield ! " ... If you 've heard and felt anything like this . 
Although I have never felt directly in the war , when I hear complaints like that mother, I instantly felt a sudden straight and imagine a battlefield where there is a " war " between parent and child . Forgive me if excessive imagination he .. he .. 
I know exactly that in educating or caring for children is sometimes frustrating , feeling irritated , angry curiosity and so forth , but mengumpamakannya with a battlefield , let's face it is a new thing for meWell , following the metaphor / parable is like that , I then think like this , if this is a war , of course, will be required at least a " weapon " instead . Effective weapon to defeat the " enemy " one eh he .. he ..An absolute weapon possessed by each parent in order to be effective in treating and educating children .  

You want to know what weapon is that? 
Actually there are two things , the first is Unconditional Love or Unconditional Love . Children desperately need real Unconditional Love of parents . By providing this love alone , I guarantee there will be a huge change in your child . 
Okay , the second is expertise in neutralizing or removing the negative emotions that occur either in parents or that occur in the child . 
Most of the people before becoming a parent already has a pile of negative emotions such as feeling disappointed in him , feelings of helplessness , low self-esteem , feelings of hate , annoyed , angry at his parents or anyone else . So when becoming a parent , a pile of negative emotions often resurface when caring for and educating children , especially when children are not behaving as expected .As a small example . 
An event for the children of other parents for granted, such an ugly kid can replay value , this could be a great thing for you because the first time may be small , you often ditertawain dimarahin friend or parent can replay value when the ugly . This could lead to return of negative emotions within you so that you become angry at your child because he can replay value ugly . 
Another example , 
You are experiencing the unpleasant incident at work / business. You stuffy , irritated or angry at the situation that happened to you . Then you come home and the kids just a little fussy , you can be angry and hit him , only then you regret . Never experienced like this ? 
So you can see , once IMPORTANT for us as parents to have a " weapon " or expertise to neutralize or release the negative emotions that is in us in order to educate and nurture children more effectively . 
Well what if the negative emotions that exist in the child ? For example a child being beaten by his friend at school so there is a fear every time to the school ? Or the child afraid of the dark ? Or the child becomes confident if asked to come forward as often ditertawain his friends ? 
There is a negative emotion is not there ? How do you as a parent help your child to be able to remove or neutralize the negative emotions ? Need to have a " weapon " or expertise is not ?So I conclude , that to be successful in educating parents and care for your child to be the best , you need two " important weapon " , namely : 
1 ) Unconditional Love or Unconditional Love 
2 ) Removing or expertise to Counteract Negative Emotions on ourselves and on our children