Why are children so easily addicted to smartphones?

Children may be particularly susceptible to smartphone addiction due to a combination of factors, including the instant gratification and rewards provided by phone apps and games, the peer pressure to constantly be connected and available, and the way that smartphones can disrupt normal patterns of social interaction and sleep. Additionally, the brain's prefrontal cortex, which is responsible for impulse control and decision making, is not fully developed in children, making them more vulnerable to addictive behaviors.

How to Modify Child Behavior

Once there was a mother who tells her life experiences in caring for me , as this story :   " When I take care of my youngest child was no different as are in the battlefield . There are many voices shout that sounded ears like the sound of crying, screaming and other noises that made me frustrated . I also have to strategize as often as possible so that I can persuade my child to want to eat , another to learn or toy tidy up after messy after being used by my son . Well my head getting dizzy thinking about it , it's very similar to the battlefield ! " ... If you 've heard and felt anything like this .   Although I have never felt directly in the war , when I hear complaints like that mother, I instantly felt a sudden straight and imagine a battlefield where there is a " war " between parent and child . Forgive me if excessive imagination he .. he ..   I know exactly that in educating or caring for children is sometimes frustrating , feeling ir

Living Healthy is Your Choices

You will be treated When We Take Care of Our Bodies With Body Good An artist , famous American singer said exactly this, " you will be taken care of by your body when you take care of the body and as well as possible . Sure enough , try to see if we treat your body to go around then what will happen then ?, If not you are more troubled by your own body . Healthy living ordinary common thing in many people ignore , what happened ? various kinds of diseases arise either consciously or unconsciously . But when we treat the body with heartfelt kindness of course it will be up to you also , and happiness always be with you .

Influence Game On Line In Children

The reform era various digital electronic objects are so easy to be accessed by anyone , not even the children . With a variety of content that may be dangerous and harmful to children under the age of that. We need to know that internet access is now easier and cheaper So also when the provider does not equip with any firewalls for different urls possible inappropriate accessible by children .   Digital devices are so affordable is also very influential in this regard . Should we as parents can better control the situation and the dangers that threaten our children .

What will be your children?

     Newborn child is really clean and sacred , no one is able to influence change baby . But did you know that the future will be like the boys ?        All can not be separated from the influence that he got during growth. When children are in a negative environment so sure and believe the child is likely to like what he received . And vice versa .        The role of parents in educating children is the highest impact on the baby . Parents who are good at educating children to be like what he wants . Not a few parents who are educated under a standard educate children and was upset with the child's behavior as an adult, this is because parents do not have enough knowledge in addressing the state of children today . And even worse when the child is more affected by the negative circumstances of the parents themselves .        Like most , children who listen to others more than their own parents . It is unfort

The parents of the children

    Parents and children first today is very much different , just different name let alone one ha .. ha .. ha ..       Habits of the parents had been so looking at the name of honor and good name is very much different from the habits and views of young children today . Once the parents are very embarrassed when alone with people of different gender , but now it sort of thing is common for children today . Parents in Indonesia if there were just a seat occupied by someone else would prohibit children of the opposite sex to immediately occupy that seat , but the truth now , he's too occupied but did not say anything that was so regarded is usually present .       Another fact , even though the children have now encouraged and given direction but they remain stubborn , classic excuse when they say "no time" and know , O children at this time when you get into trouble you will go? , Y

Teachers as (continued)

    The central role of teachers in the learning process , for that sector in school education is determined by the capabilities of the teachers in performing their duties . According to the Veithzal Aqib Syviana Rivai and Pure (2009 : 856) the teacher is the decisive factor for success in school, because the teacher is central to the teaching and learning activities and resources . In addition , teachers are an influential component in improving the quality of education in sekolah.Hal demonstrated that the capacity or professional competence of the teacher to determine the quality of education .       Basically, the level of professional competence of teachers is influenced by factors from the teachers themselves , that is, how teachers are to work diembang . While external factors are thought to influence the professional competence of a guru.Sementara that teacher attitudes towards work is the belief that t