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   Teachers is a major factor in the formation of private students. Teachers play a role in shaping the personality characteristics of students according to the size of the normative. Recognizing the above, the role of schools is crucial in building the character of its male and female students, as a good education system is expected to appear next generation of qualified and able to adjust to living in a society, nation and the state.

   Meanwhile, the teacher is one of the human element in the learning process. In the process of learning in schools, teachers have a role, namely as a teacher and educator. As a teacher of teachers in charge of pouring a substance into the brain learning students, while serving as a teacher educator to guide and nurture students to become capable of human decency, active, independent creative, and innovative.

   Djamarah in Veithzal Rivai and Syviana Pure (2009: 850), argues that both teaching and educating is the duty and responsibility of teachers as workers pofesional. Therefore, the arduous task of a teacher is basically only be carried out by teachers who have high professional competence and good character so as to perform the task as educators can be followed by both learners and actions his word.

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